Can I Hire Someone To Worry for Me?

Is this possible to hire someone to worry for me?

I thought I would take the time to write about worrying! I believe most of us do worry about something. Although at one point one of my brothers said to me that he never worries, because he lets life take its course.

Worrying is about the thoughts in our minds, and for me the stupid images, crazy or neurotic emotions we get into our heads, and it seems to possess us for hours, sometimes days. Why? Afterall, that imaginative thought we are experiencing has not happened. We create it ourselves and then we even start feeling anxiety or for some people cause it to be a full-blown panic attack.

But what if we could take the worry away from ourselves by hiring someone to do this for us? Is this possible? And, Oh man, do I have worries and troubles on my mind that can keep me up at night.

How in the world did we “learn to worry”?
When we were kids, heck, we just played, ate, sleep, goof-off, have tons of fun and not a care in the world about what will be, or what happens the next day. We were just existing and living our life.

Wouldn’t it be so cool with all these emerging technologies in robotics, Ai or artificial intelligence, if the creative geniuses out there can make a device we can use like a headset, or a stick-on device to place on our forehead or something that easily transmit our worried thoughts to another expert like a therapist of some sort and they receive my worries and deal with it so I can sleep better at night and can focus on important things in my life that matters to me. Let’s call this person or thing the “Worry Expert for Hire”.

So for example, I could have used this so called “Worry Expert for Hire” person to worry for me a few years back.

So let me tell you about this:

My family and I relocated in a new area of the state we lived in at the time, in Illinois. Because we knew nothing of that region, we decided to rent a house first before committing to buying a house and not like it.
So, we went to a realtor’s office, I won’t mention the name here, and talked to a leasing agent and signed a one-year lease to rent a gorgeous home. After just 2-months of living in this beautiful house, someone knocked on our door and it was the sheriff, looking for the homeowner. Apparently, homeowner hasn’t paid his mortgage for over a year, defaulted on his loan and the sheriff wanted to subpoena him or her to appear in court. Naturally, I gave the sheriff the name or our leasing agent so he can contact him.

Since we were only renting the house the sheriff also added that we would not notified of any court proceedings and that we will eventually have to move out once the bank buys back the property, but we did not know when this will happen because the courts are backed up. Can you imagine the debilitating thoughts going on in my head?

Listen, I had to do all the worrying, the following up, calling the circuit court every day for almost one whole year just to find out what is happening since we had no clue. I had to call the moving company and arrange on dates to possibly move. I also had to figure out where to move, where can I rent, should I buy a house now or later, what kind of freaking town is this anyways!

Man, I was angry, felt deceived, didn’t trust anyone in town. When I called the licensed realtor to ask about this and he denied it and said he knew nothing. I was horrified. The reason we went to a realtor company was to avoid any scams with rentals. We trusted that a popular Realtor company with real licensed agents in charge of renting to newcomers in the area, this would never happen. I never expected this hellish nightmare because we used a realtor company. You would think that they would have known that the property was “abandoned” and have knowledge or history of the house.

And so…. All the worrying, not eating, barely slept at night, caused me anxiety so much, my heart would palpitate sometimes, even when I go to the gym to work-out all the anxiety and nervousness and releasing adrenaline didn’t stop me from worrying.

But in the end, it worked out good for us. Another agent, a woman that was hired by the bank knocked on our door and gave us one week’s notice to move out. I explained that I need to secure a new place to live since we have been “in the dark” on when this would happen, that we are new in town and don’t know anyone here and if she could extend the time. She was compassionate, very kind, and gave us a little more time to find a new place to rent for a short time until we bought our house there.

So you see, all those crazy thoughts of where I will go, what will happen, not sleeping, not eating and overly training at the gym for what? It was my fear of not knowing, not knowing what was going on with this house, when we need to move, when are we getting kicked out, will we find another place to live, I gotta spend more out of pocket money to pay for movers again! Did I really need to worry about tomorrow on a daily basis?

I did pray every single night for help and meditated a lot to try and ease the mind, but like I said, we survived the hell we went thru and I’m able to write and share my story here.

So, if there was someone or some type of headset technology, I could have used and passed all that worrying to way back then, I would have taken advantage of it and paid for the service. Wouldn’t it be just so cool if we could hire someone to worry for us? #sigh

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