8th Level Podcast

8th Level Podcast is a podcast where I talk about entrepreneurship, spirituality and self-care. 

  • Spirituality – We discuss all things spiritual, including metaphysics, psychics, paranormal, mediumship, alternative methods, behind the veil, and out of this world. It’s  for the like-minded folks who are open to weird or strange  topics. 
  • Entrepreneurship – It’s about being self-employed, freelancing,  bootstrapping and the challenges we face dealing with ownership of our business, clients or team members.  
  • Self-Care – We talk about how to take care of ourself first. This includes both physical and mental health. I always said, “without your health, there is no wealth.” You come first!


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I've consulted with Lourdes with respect to marketing and website design. Lourdes' expertise and professional attitude and service was an unparalleled support with whom I have never experienced with. She is patient in her communications to explain the functionality of the strategies that is understandable yet comprehensive for optimal applicability for practical usage. In short I cannot say enough about my enthusiasm and trust for all the work she has afforded me throughout the course of our collaborative ventures.
Don B.
Social Worker/Owner
I worked with Lourdes for a non-profit organization as a speaker coordinator. Lourdes has extensive experience knowledge with in technology, digital tools, webinars and the latest tools. She possesses excellent communication skills, very reliable has integrity and great managerial skills.
Zeina B.
Certified VA/Biz Owner
"I had the opportunity to validate her immeasurable qualities and she always care about her work, and displayed a professional attitude with clients and the sales team. I worked with her at a previous organization when she demonstrated her listening skills and attention to clients. She's a smart woman, fast thinker and problem solver and super organized."
Flor S.
Fedex Employee
"I needed a website so I can expand my realtor services. Now, after working with Lourdes, I understand the power of getting online, how to manage my social media profiles, to reach more prospects and get new leads."
woman, face, pop art-5212479.jpg
Bebe W.
"I had the pleasure to had worked with Lourdes while we were together at 6Connex. She was always opened to chat and discuss my requests to ensure we were on the same page and get the best results. She also spent time explaining me the platform to better respond my clients’ questions and to set the correct expectations. She is very detailed-oriented, always giving creative and great alternatives to make things happen and produce value sessions. She is kind, very professional and patient in helping clients understand the technology and making them feel as comfortable as possible. She always seeks for solutions to any tech challenges that arise pre, during or after a live event."
Adriana Z.
Project Manager
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