Discover the Benefits of Webinars and Podcasts

We offer innovative solutions to help businesses and individuals take their online presence to the next level. 

With our services, you can engage with your audience, share your expertise, and drive traffic to your website. We help with your webinars and podcasts production designed to engage your audience, share your expertise, drive traffic, build awareness and provide valuable insights that help build your brand and growth to your business. 

Whether you are looking to educate your customers, launch a new product, or share your knowledge, we have a solution that will meet your needs. 

And if you’re looking for a super quick turnaround time and you have all the assets we need, take a look at joining us for an Intensive Day below. 

What is an Intensive Day?

The Intensive Day service is designed for......

This service is designed specifically for busy business owners who are making 6-figures and want to take advantage of the power of webinars and podcasts, but don’t have the time or energy to handle all the nitty-gritty details. 

We’ll take care of everything from setting up the webinar or podcast to managing assets and distribution to podcast channels. 

All you have to do is focus on creating a killer presentation or planning out your podcast topics. Let us handle the rest, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Webinar Intensive

The Webinar Intensive is a hyper-focused planning and implementation session with us and completed during two 1/2 day sessions.  

We have designed our Webinar Intensive to cover everything you need to make your webinar an event that clients will remember and respond to.  Our process helps you define clear, high-level concepts and expectations as well as making sure that every detail of the event is planned, have a well thought-out marketing strategy, practiced, and executed to ensure we make the most of your time and your client’s experience.

Podcast Intensive

The Podcast Intensive is a hyper-focused planning with implementation session and completed within a week. 

Our Podcast Intensive is designed to cover everything you need to start podcasting and published to many distribution channels such as Apple iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Radio Public and many other podcast platforms.

Our process helps with every detail of the podcasting is planned and ready for your audience listening enjoyment. Other options are available for maintaining your podcasts and editing.

Ready to launch your virtual event with us?

Enjoy a stress-free event let us handle all the details!

“Lourdes did a great job of keeping our clients bubbly and positive when they delivered their webinars, taking control and monitoring them to ensure success. Lourdes offered everything we expected and more… great time keeping, attention to detail, communication, and a warm, pleasing can-do attitude that frankly, we don’t see enough of in the technology sector. I would recommend Lourdes in a heartbeat, she will not leave you disappointed.”
Scott W.
Recruiter and CEO
“Lourdes is amazing with people and have a way of working with nervous presenters with professionalism and calm. She is one of the most requested webcasters from clients. Lourdes always makes herself available to help out and follows procedures making everything efficient and smooth. I remember when one of the team members failed through with the live day only a couple of days away, she stepped up to build over 80 webcasts with flawless delivery. Lourdes is an amazing team player you can depend on. Thanks Lourdes for all of your work on the many complicated projects!"
Joo P.
Customer Success Operations, Digital Success Program
“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. McCombs for a period of 1 year during my former employment. Both Ms McCombs and I were working for the same company. I was an International Project Manager based in Australia and Ms. McCombs Webinar Builder. I have experienced Ms. McCombs as dedicated and highly analytical person. She assisted me on several projects building and implementing the webinars for company clients. I also had the privilege of undergoing a 1:1 training session with Ms. McCombs on how to build a test webinar, build a stream test, cropping and trimming webinar recordings for on-demand view and to add resources and design elements to the webinars. Ms. McCombs was engaging with her clients, very patient with those she engaged with. She is highly skilled at what she does. On top of that, she is detail oriented and dedicated to her work. I would recommend Lourdes McCombs for any engagement she puts her mind to."
Corney W.
Account Executive
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