Who needs a website?

If you are a spiritual individual looking to expand your reach to find new clients, one of the best ways to do this is to have a website. So why are you not taking advantage of having a website? Some business owners think they don’t need one or it may be too expensive. But did you know that your potential clients find you easier this way? Plus, you can expand your business working from home and help other people globally or further than your local neighborhood?

About 40% of small businesses discover new business using a search online.  A welcoming website would benefit you. You can have an about page or bio that explains your talent and how you got started in the field of metaphysics.

Oftentimes, business owners that are in alternative health and healing or in the metaphysical industries may believe they don’t need a website. But people who are interested in such topics have researched:

  • Life Coach
  • Astrologists
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Past Life Regressions or Akashic Records
  • Healing power of crystals
  • Reiki, Shamanism
  • Pendulums
  • Zen and meditations
  • Spiritual & metaphysical  authors or self-publishing authors
  • and more

You can add testimonials from your past or current clients, letting everyone know how satisfied your clients are. This is a wonderful way for some of your clients who don’t use Yelp, Facebook, or social media sites to broadcast their patronage to you.
For people with visual art talents, this is a fantastic way to show off your artwork, but make sure to include your website URL in your business card when you attend art fairs.

For jewelry artists, again, this is a good communication tool to use. You can include the event days you are attending the dates, great for crystals, gemstone stuff, or rock shows.

For book authors, you can direct them to your website and include an email sign-up, events for book signing opportunities.

With a website, you can also include a short YouTube video of your session, interview, or anything you want to share.

Research shows that most people will “google” businesses, and if you don’t have a website, you may be losing out because they will find your competitor instead to get Reiki sessions, a reading from a medium, etc.

If you have one of these businesses, this is a unique opportunity to reach more potential clients nationwide or worldwide.  Having a website is not as expensive as you think.

Here at Lourdesigns, we work with new business owners as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to have an online presence, we have budget-friendly starter websites just for you.  Let us answer your questions you may have about having a website and online presence. Click on the Contact us page or fill out this short questionnaire.

Start your journey online with us! We will “hold your hand” and explain how easy it is to have a website. We’ll explain how to get your website and online presence in layman terms so that you won’t feel intimidated.


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