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Here at Lourdesigns, first and foremost I enjoy creating digital products. I started my business in the virtual assistance world offering services remotely to global clients.

In business since 2014, offering virtual remote support and services to our global clients. My clients have included: life coaches, health coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, independent financial advisors, independent owners for a variety of webinar platforms, 7-figure entrepreneurs, chiropractors, non-profit organizations and digital marketing firms.

Occasionally, I hired a few VAs (virtual assistants) to help me manage some of the tasks. It can get to be very busy when you’re a one-woman trying to please everyone and meeting deadlines. I was a team member for a remote digital agency located here, in the states, providing services to their variety of clients too.

I did email marketing and automation, social media creation, scheduling, management, strategy and Facebook Business Ads Manager. I created new websites and added all the automation services that connect to their email marketing, social media, e-books, lead magnets, webinar management/technical and strategy, e-commerce, payment gateways and connected their RSS feeds.

I also created Ebooks, E-courses, designed ebook covers and designed landing pages via OptimizePress. You can say, I’m a techie person since I’ve been connected many technology integration to WordPress and other platforms.

But now I offer digital products that are Done-For-You with instant downloads ready for you to print or take to your local printer. I also have physical products to offer and opened up my new Etsy store.

ETSY Store Owner

We just recently opened our brand new Etsy store. You can visit us at our new Lourdesigns, LLC store front on Etsy by visiting this link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/lourdesigns.  I’m an independent business contractor registered with the state of Illinois.


WordPress Website 

Assistance and support with your blogs, updates, security, backups, content, pages, social following, social media icons, integration with other platforms, apps and more. One-one-one training on how to use WordPress, permalink, user set-up, media files, and more.

Certified Life Coach

Unleash the genius within you! Discover your strengths and fulfill your life with more happiness and transform the new YOU.

I’m a Certified Life Coach – providing coaching to individuals with spirituality, law of attraction and to entrepreneurs. I’m qualified as a Reiki II practitioner, and provide Reiki long distance healing.

I’m an unshakable optimist dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your life. I believe that no matter what type of background or environment you came from,  you have the Genius Inside of You already.  I will help you uncover and reveal it.

I believe in you! I believe that everyone has the power within to change and become the best they want to be.  You have a powerful strength and can achieve anything your heart desires! 

Maybe all you need is some guidance and encouragement, and I can help you to get there. Let’s Reveal Your Genius!  

“The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself.”  – Toni Sorenson

Contact us and let us know how we can help you. Free initial consultation. 

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