3 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Website Traffic

Now, all you have a beautiful website all you have to do is wait and see who visits.  Right? I don’t think so!

Not true.  Just because you  have a website, it doesn’t mean they will magically find you.  You need to do some work, or rather, marketing to help  people find and visit to your website.  There are plenty of ways that  you can generate traffic towards your website, but I am going to concentrate on only 3 of them that can produce very quick (if not instantaneous) results.

The three strategies are:

  1. Buy Ads for your website
  2. Send offers and information to individuals in your mailing list
  3. Request reciprocal links/endorsements


As the name suggests, this strategy would require you to spend some money!  You can place advertisements of your website on other websites that are similar to yours or you can place advertisement of your website on search engines and on social media. This way, when some one is searching for a product similar to the one that you are selling/promoting, your website’s ad will be shown to them.

Therefore, you need to be sure when planning your ad that you target people from your niche.  These “targeted” people have a higher potential of buying your product because they were already looking for it.

Depending on the type of ad you choose, how it is setup, you may have to pay for the advertisement ONLY when they click on the link. Such ads are known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements. Some of the PPC ads sites are:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Bing Ads

You can also buy ads using social media, set your goals, target audience and budget. Here are the top 4 social media platforms to advertise with.

When you choose a PPC, do make sure that it offers a tracking software that helps you find information useful to you. This way you will be able to choose the ones that are more profitable and get rid of those that are not.  For Facebook they use Facebook Pixels which is a tracking code to add to your website pages.  You can also use Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.


You can’t promote anything online without first capturing the email address of your website visitors.  Everyone checks their email daily and some have said that email is dead.  It is not, folks! It’s here to stay.

You should always attempt to get one visitor to your website and adding an automated mechanism in place to capture the name and email address of the visitors that come to your website.  You need to capture most of the email addresses of your incoming traffic because it is more than likely that they will not buy anything from you on their first visit to your website and they might never come back again!

To prevent that from happening, you offer them something that they would like to sign up for (like some valuable information for FREE and it’s important to deliver what you promise!).  Then you keep their attention by sending them more free content, and sandwich promotional offers in between. One e-mail from you will bring most of them back to your website!

A word of caution here: Do NOT overwhelm your e-mail list clients with too many promotional offers, you will lose your credibility. You should send them valuable free stuff in between offers, so that they would want to read your emails.

Read what are email autoresponders?


There are thousands of websites out there that are selling products or offering services similar to yours. Instead of thinking that they are your competition, instead, think of them as your potential partners.  Ask them to promote your product or service, in return of you promoting theirs. These website owners can help you in several ways:

  • They can put links and banners of your website, in exchange of you putting theirs on your website.
  • They can just add your link to their website and you can then pay them a previously agreed commission when they produce a sale for you.
  • They can send an email to their email list, endorsing and promoting your product, while you do the same for them.

These “deals” are known as Joint Ventures (JV deals) and these are one of the most powerful strategies that you can use to send more traffic to your website.

Try these strategies for your website. Desirable results are produced when all three of these marketing approaches are used together. You might want to try each one of them, then see which one works better and then concentrate on the one that works best.

These three strategies combined with other marketing (free or paid)  methods can sky-rocket your website popularity and sales and make you a very successful online business person.

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