9 Free Digital Tools for Intuitives

As a business owner in the metaphysical world, and if you’re in the beginning stages of your business journey, money can be very tight.

You might be looking for ways to save money in your business.  Perhaps at this moment, you can’t really afford to pay for digital tools, and unfortunately, most of these have monthly subscription fees.

So, here are some ways you can save money by using these free software, tech tools, and Apps, that can help run your entire business all for FREE.

# 1 Google Drive

All you need is an email account from Google, which is a free sign-up.  Once you have an email account with Google, you have access to a myriad of apps that are free such as Docs, spreadsheets, calendars, forms, and more that you can download from within Google Drive, plus you get up to 15 Gb (at time of this writing) cloud storage.

#2  Toggl Time Tracker

Toggl is free software for desktop and your smartphone.  If you need to keep track of how much time you spend working on a client’s tasks or projects, this free software is simple to use.

#3 Adobe Spark

Create beautiful graphics for free and share your visual stories.  You get access to thousands of free, copyright images.

#4 Freedcamp

If you have a need for a project management system, you should try Freedcamp.com which is…free. It offers the ability to communicate, collaborate and stay organized all in one place. You can purchase apps in the market place to add more functionality, but the basic version is usable and free.

#5 Wave Accounting

Right now, Wave Accounting is still free and it’s fully functional and ready to use for a small business or for personal finances. It has everything you need and can even connect you to accountants who use the system. You can add on invoicing, payments, payroll and other functionality for low prices.

#6 Bitrix24

This system is free for up to 12 users and supports unlimited projects. It can be cloud based on their server or yours, has checklists, task reports, report builders and even free Gantt charts. Manage your time better and get started for free.

#7  Canva

This is an awesome free graphic software want. You can upload your own images and use the free backgrounds and layouts to make really awesome blog graphics, social media graphics and more.

#8 HootSuite

While many of the functions of this social media automation software are not free, you can still get plenty of scheduling your social media updates for a free account. Currently you can have up to three social media profiles, and posts limited to 30.

#9 Teamwork

Use Teamwork for yourself or for your team.  The free version allows you to create 2 free projects, chat with Instant messages with up to 5 team members. Keep track of your team’s tasks and projects.

If you have any free tools you’d like to share and feel they can help other new business owners, please let us know! I can publish your findings here and link back to your website.

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