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We all have experienced different types of stress in our lives. Some of us our stressed-out over a job, not having a job, the pandemic anxiety,  a relationship, children, or if you are like most of us, stressed over finances. The word meditation simply is defined as a technique to focus on one thing in simple way. With having to deal with our children, our jobs or lack of jobs, our relationships, our finances or the pandemic, it’s a wonder we all can even go on every day.

Taking the time to meditate in your own relaxing way will help with easing the stress you are feeling. Worrying about what is stressing you will not help solve the situation that is upsetting you.

You may think that taking time out of your already busy life to meditate is ridiculous. But it is not ridiculous!  It will absolutely help calm your nerves which will help you relax enough to sit down and calmly work out the situation that is upsetting you. Meditation practice will not hurt you, in fact it is shown to actually help you physically and mentally.

Some people have found they can relax and meditate by sitting and relaxing in a hot bubble bath. If you don’t like to sit and relax in a hot tub, you can just go outside for a breath of fresh air and take time to just collect your thoughts.

If your kids are stressing you out, it’s easy to lose your temper with them. To avoid getting things out of control you can do breathing exercises to help calm you in a meditative state. Let the kids go outside for a few minutes or have them watch a movie or whatever they like to do within reason for a few minutes. This will give you time to get your thoughts together when you’re stressed. Sometimes focusing on your breathing is all it takes to calm your nerves.


Breathe in and out slowly. You don’t need an hour to meditate. Even as little as 5 minutes can help!  You may get a new perspective during this time to think about what options you have to control the situation that has upset you.  One of the ways I’ve found is to breathe thru your nose, hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and exhale out of your mouth. This process can take up to 8-seconds. Simple breathing exercise, right?


Find a ways of meditation techniques that will work for you. You will see that even if it’s for only a few minutes, it will calm you down.  Search in Google the different types of meditation. You can go online and find self-help videos on YouTube and even doing some research on Pinterest about meditation. Don’t settle on a life that can make you miserable day after day, when you can be happy, easy-going and more relaxed.

Go to your local library and peruse thru the many books on relaxation by meditation. Actually, in a place like the library you can just relax in that environment where it is quiet and calming. Select and borrow 2 or 3 books that will help you the most.

Look for couple of books that has different ways of meditating. Write down the chapters that interest you the most. It’s a very big accomplishment just learning how to have peace of mind.  After you have found peace of mind you can then start working on the daily things in your life that has left you feeling stressed. You can have the calm life you have dreamed of, if you just take the time to learn ways to help you with relaxation techniques. You can find fulfillment and make a difference in your life and the lives of others who feel the pressures of everyday life.


Whether you find meditation and relaxation techniques through books, CDs, or online guided exercises you will find that when your daily life is less stress and helps you feel more calm.  Perhaps you can start to find solutions to the problematic stresses in your life in a calm peaceful way. Just focus on your breathing and positive ways to view your outlook in life.

You have to remember you are using your thoughts in your mind to meditate. So you want to take the time to clear out all the negative feelings.  Concentrate on how to improve your life and make a goal for yourself.

Meditation can help. When you take the time to relax with meditation and think about what is going on in your life you may find solutions.

Somehow when you are relaxed, your mind is more clear and often times the solutions just come from “out of nowhere”.  There are many scientific studies on how meditation can help you.

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