MailerLite – How to Automate Emails

Are you wondering how you can send emails and have it automated?  Did you know you can automate your email and schedule them ahead of time every time someone opts in to your online form?

I can’t remember how I found out about Mailerlite. Perhaps I saw an ad while googling email marketing platforms because I wanted an alternative to Mailchimp.

What I like about Mailerlite, is the visual automation they have when it comes to automation.  In this post, I’m adding the video I created and posted in my YouTube channel,  on how you can automate your emails using Mailerlite.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of your Autoresponder Series For Intuitives

This video covers the Automation option, how to design your email, add your logo and installing it in your social media scheduling app. I hope this video helps you understand how to automate your emails using Mailerlite.

Let me know if you have questions about automating your MailerLite emails. Please share this post! Thank you!

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