How to add Images in Your WordPress Blog for Newbies

I have been using WordPress for many years.  As a matter of fact, when I started my business years ago, I researched many different types of CMS, or Content Management System.  There are many to choose from, for example, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Joomla just to name a few.

What made me choose WordPress over the others? At that time, I learned that a little over 33% of websites uses WordPress.  Since I had NO clue what it was, I did research, watched videos, bought books about HTML, website themes, page builders, and redesign websites. I had no idea about plugins and widgets. What?!

It took me many months, to understand WordPress and feel more confident using it.  I found meetups to attend local meetings and attended a WordCamp.

This video shows the newbie who is very new to using WordPress.  

Perhaps you had someone build your website and now you want to start “taking over” certain task like adding your own blog, and images in.  This is an easy way to ease into WordPress and getting use to the Dashboard.

  • The video shows you how to login to your WordPress website
  • This video shows you how to upload an image into the WordPress Media Library
  • This video shows you how to log out of your WordPress website

My hope is that this short 2-minute video is easy to understand so you can do the blog or add an image yourself with ease.

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